Dejection and demos

Sticking to my commitment! Post number 2 of le daily blog.

I’ve been a little down this weekend because I fucked up decently at work on Friday. Not like the biggest fuck up in the world, wasn’t a major crisis, but it basically went from me killing it and having an amazing day and getting compliments to crisis control and me calling my boss at 10 pm and explaining this situation :/ and we had to have the app developer go in to the backend and fix my mistake. Probably gonna bring in some apology timbits tomorrow.

Also I get that none of you know what my job is so the above is probably confusing, but whatever its just brain vomit at this point lol.

In other news, I woke up hella late again today. Dunno if I mentioned it in day 1, but I woke up at like 4 pm cause me and my producer/roommate decided to record a demo at 6 in the morning. Basically the same thing happened again today. I’ve been semi-successful in making both days productive though! Yesterday I took a shower (yay!), started this blog, and wrote 2 verses. Today I’ve semi-cleaned my room, went for a walk and bought an espresso machine with the roomie, and have written another blog post. Go me!

200 words is actually surprisingly easy to fill up. Might extend my quota to 250 – don’t wanna get too ambitious though.

Planning on watching “Big Trouble in Little China” later tn. Will report back on how good it was tomorrow probably.

Stay golden ponyboys,



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