Eid Mubarak!

Hey guys,

Took a train home last night so I could celebrate Eid with the family. It was really cool actually! Only got about 5 hours of sleep because I had to wake up and shower and get ready for prayers, but that wasn’t that bad. Got to see my whole extended family (I’m brown so it’s large af) at the mosque, and we all went to my Nani’s (grandma’s) house for breakfast afterwards. By breakfast, I mean samosas and chickpea salad and chocolate cake and carrot cake and sewainya (these kind of rice noodles in a sweet milk sauce thing? Idk, it’s a dessert). So I stacked up on that lol.

After spending a couple hours catching up with the fam, we went to our house to prepare for the evening (some of my extended family would be coming over for evening celebrations). Didn’t have to do much cleaning since I’m technically a “guest”. 😇 I BBQ’d the burgers and beef ribs though, which were very lit, and I’m hella excited cause we have mad leftovers too. Aside from that, there was lasagna, garlic bread, potatoes and veggies, shish kebabs, and fish pakoras. For dessert my sister made homemade snickers bars, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, some fruit and nut cake, skor cookies, and oreo truffles.

I lost around 8 pounds over the course of Ramadan, but I honestly think I put on about 10 in one meal.

Anyways, it’s getting late and I’m working from home tomorrow so I should hit the hay.




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