Work Tingz

What’s poppin lil homies,

Today was pretty boring tbh. Ate like mad again – we had hella leftovers from yesterday and it was all amazing food (still) so I went to town. Really gotta work on this whole self control thing.

What was kind wack though is that I was working basically the whole day. Like literally until about 10 minutes ago (1:25 am). It’s equal parts workload and laziness though. I did spend a lot of time on FB and Tinder/Bumble. Speaking of which, it was also a boring ass day on the Tinder/Bumble front. I only just redownloaded them this morning, but I was definitely expecting more of a response from the opposite gender by now. Maybe I really do need to cut back on all this dessert…

In any case, my mom and I agreed to fast again tomorrow to get ourselves back in “don’t be a fatass” mode. It’s actually a sunnah to fast for 6 days in the month of Shawwal (the month after Ramadan), so it should be good for me in this world and the afterlife 😉

In the meantime, I’ma be chugging water and scarfing down beef ribs and homemade snickers bars until the sun comes up :$

Catch me if u can,



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