Who Here Likes Traaaaaiins?!

Salutations followers,

I’m writing this from the relative comfort of my VIA train back to Montreal. Pretty rattled bc it’s been delayed for around an hour, due to some “lost signals” or some shit. Honestly, it’s just the same shit, different trip, every time. Like 50% of the time I’ve ridden VIA its at least an hour or two late. I’m good tho cause I copped my ticket for like 20 bucks off some random girl and you’re not supposed to be allowed to transfer tickets but I’ve stayed lowkey and haven’t been caught lol. Beats riding the bus for 50 bucks.

Kinda salty tho cause I had solid plans lined up for the night. Was gonna reach home, fire up Big Trouble In Little China (haven’t seen it yet), call over some friends, and roll some hefty blunts. Still in the works, but not sure if everyone will be able to make it anymore. 😦 Oh well.

Also, wanted this to be my first time blazing since Ramadan started, but I already hit a blunt a couple times last night lol. Wasn’t fried in any sense of the word. Also had a sip of a friends beer at the Euro final. Sensing a slow slide back in to degeneracy, but I’m not gonna let it happen too easily.

Probably one of my worst written blog posts, but tbh i just wanted to get it out of the way. Sorry for the low effort!

You are the moon to my sunflower,




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