Backstreet’s Back, Alright!


Been outta commission for a while, sorry about that. Felt guilty for the first few days I didn’t update this TING, but then the guilt started to fade – and tbh that was even scarier than feeling guilty lol. Anyways, kinda forcing myself to write this, but i think it’s good to get back in the swing of things.

Work is pretty good, but I’m feeling unmotivated. Kinda get everything done super last minute, which is NOT a good work ethic to have. Fucked my ex for the last time in at least a couple of months, possibly ever 2 nights ago. She’s travelling in Europe now, which is good since we’ll both get a little space. DL’d Pokemon Go – not super into it, but kinda fux. Could see it growing on me. Debating whether to get high and play Halo or not get high and do something more productive. Maybe I’ll get high and play Fallout 4 as a compromise lol.

Oh yeah, dunno if I mentioned this at all on the blog, but I balled out and copped an xbox one the other week! Its pretty lit, but its wack that it takes at least a couple hours to download a new game – even if you have the disc -.-

Also, wrote and recorded a banger over the weekend with the squaaa. One step closer to our first EP 🙂

Anyways, thats my quick update. Ima try and stick with it a bit more. tty soon nobody.



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