1 year, and 6 blog posts later…

Hey Internet,

It’s Juicy, and I’m back! Almost 1 year after I first pledged to write a short blog post every day lol, and I’ve written a grand total of 6 (I think…too lazy to go back and check). I guess the lack of drugs and sex during Ramadan forces me to turn towards more fulfilling endeavours. Which is dope.

Quick updates on cool things that have happened recently:

OL, JR, and I have locked down a lease under our studio, which means music production (and fun times) will increase. JC is being an idiot and is reluctant to move out of his place and join us, which is suuuper super dumb. But he’s stubborn and won’t realize it of his own accord. I was rattled at first, but looking back on it I think that it’s fine. He has the right to do whatever he thinks his best, but I’m no longer gonna go out of my way to travel 40 minutes to his place to listen to beats with him or whatever. Also, JR wants his brother to move in if JC doesn’t. I’ve vetoed it though, since JR is the least clean (and financially reliable) person in the apartment already, and his brother is likely not gonna be an upgrade on that.

Relationship-wise, I’ve been on a pretty good run this year. I think I’ve realized that I’m in no position to start something new with someone, especially since we could potentially pop at any point and have to relocate or whatever. More than that, though, I just don’t have a lot of free time to share with a significant other. Been on a dry spell as of late, but these things come and go.

Saw a good friend of mine (PS) get married on Friday. It’s a polyamorous marriage and the couple is queer (but not homosexual) so there were a lot of bald girls and dudes in dresses there lol. Was quite a way to usher in Ramadan.

Quick list of random highlights:

Performed at C2 a couple of days ago with OL which was wild. Everything almost went to shit when Dave didn’t show up on time

RW’s birthday was on Saturday, chilled with him CR and NS at mont-royal parc which was nice 🙂 then went back to theres and watched a movie and chilled. No Catan was played, but I dealt RW and NS two hefty 2k Ls.

First day of meal planning was on Sunday ~ made gnocchi for the first time, with a 3 cheese sauce, and chicken merguez sausages! Came out surprisingly well, considering how i kinda botched the gnocchi dough mix. Planning on making it again for my family in the near future.

Finally, things with BZ and I are finally over. Been unofficialy so for about a year now, but we were hooking up. However, she’s kind of sus in many ways, and is prone to doing some unacceptable stuff in my opinion. Was the last straw when she got mad at me for some reason and texted another dude for like an hour while she was in my room. No bueno mon ami. Haven’t seen her since, get kinda sad about it sometimes, but I regret nothing.

Anyways, here’s hoping I stick with this public diary this time! I’m really worried about my memory, and this would definitely be a helpful resource for me in a few years when im wondering wth I did in my early 20s lol. Plus it’ll be good for my writing skills. But yeah, anyways. Catch y’all tomorrow!



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